Summer CSA share – Week 11 of 13

Today’s share contains: lettuce, potatoes, summer squash, sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and yellow onions. The potatoes in the share are the all red Amarosas, and they’re the last potatoes we have this season. The peppers are just getting started and it looks like there’s good fruit set on the plants so I’m hoping we’ll have many more to come. As the peppers are coming on the summer squash and cucumbers are still hanging on, but just. Unfortunately it was not a good onion year for us so all of our onions are on the small side and that also means the overall yield was very low.

The change in the weather is making it feel like fall already, and in the wake of the extra heat this summer a lot of the crops are starting to look like it’s fall already, too. The winter squash is further along at this point than I can ever remember in the past. We’re still trying to get in a few last plantings for fall before the end of planting season, but today was all about cleaning up weeds from the fall crops we’ve already planted. The summer sudan cover crop that we plant to benefit the soil was so big in places we needed to mow today. It should come back and continue to help build soil in the beds we’ve already finished with for the year.

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