Summer CSA share – Week 12 of 13

Today’s share contains: lettuce, sweet peppers, beets, romano beans, shallots, tomatoes, summer squash, and chard. I don’t usually put beets with greens and chard in the same share, they’re so similar, but they were both looking ready this week. The summer squash is just a last little patty pan and we have a few of the other last squash and cucumbers of the year on the farm stand. Tomatoes are still going strong, but they’re definitely on a downward trajectory. The peppers on the other hand are just getting started. There was a bit of a mix up in communication about the green Gernika peppers so it’s a bit share of those today. They’re a thin walled frying pepper, but really they’re delicious however you prepare them. We’ll have more of those as sweet red peppers in the future, as well as more of the other sweet peppers.

Harvest took most of the day today. We did manage to clean the last of the onions, hoe the escarole, pick some dry beans and clip some of the winter squash, but not much else. In anticipation of today’s lack of time to do much else, I did the last scheduled seeding of the year on Sunday. Arugula and spinach, and I added a bit of mustard just in case we run short on greens. It’s all in the ground, now we just add a bit of water, try to keep the weeds at bay, and hope for favorable weather this fall!

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