9th Summer CSA Share Predictions

Yesterday was a hot one! We did a bit of pre-harvest for next week, a bit of irrigation, some weed cultivation, and then got out of the fields early. I didn’t stop to look too closely at what’s in store for next week, and I didn’t take my usual photo from the SE corner of the fields but here’s my guess on the next share: more tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, potatoes, onions, and lettuce. Monday will be a bit of an odd day with needing to pack the remaining shares from Thursday, plus the new shares for Monday. We’ll try to have a bit on the farm stand but not sure how much time we’ll have for extra harvest. There will be more beans on the farm stand that were pre-harvested. Summer squash and cucumbers have also been slowing down and I don’t think they’re enjoying the heat this week but I’m hoping there’ll still be enough for everyone. Sweet peppers might just make it into the shares, but tough to tell. I wasn’t able to find Jimmy Nardello seed this season and that’s typically our first pepper that we harvest so the first up this year will likely be the pimentos.

Instead of the usual photo of the field situation you get this photo of our irrigation schedule for the weekend. We’re putting on an extra dose of water to try to keep the plants happy. The usual puzzle of irrigation scheduling got a little more complicated, but writing it out like this always helps me visualize what’s going on where. Hope you’re all staying cool, I’m off to jump in a river!

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