Summer CSA share – Week 8 of 13

Today’s share has: a small head of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, chard, summer squash, cucumbers, mini red onions, and basil. I don’t typically go for baby vegetables, but for some reason this year, at least this week, that’s what we seem to be getting from the field. I suspect the field that the onions are in is experiencing some competition from a large tree that’s nearby. We’ve also been having trouble with germination on our carrot plantings, which is leading to extra weed pressure and smaller carrot sizes. We also have a lot of smaller tomatoes right now because those are the early ones and the ones that do well for us in general. The lettuce growth is really slowing down as the days get shorter, and really that goes for all of the vegetables at this moment. I think we’re also seeing some impact from the extreme heat wave at the beginning of July, right when a lot of these plants were getting planted. For the most part the warm, sunny summer has been good for growth, but when it’s getting into the 90’s it actually slows things down.

It was a bit of an odd day today as we were trying to prepare for a this second extreme heatwave that’s predicted for the second half of the week. At this point we’re not planning on working much on Thursday, other than running irrigation, and making sure the weeds don’t take over. If you have a CSA share you should look for an update in your email on Tuesday, but the short story is that we’re switching the pick-up on Thursday and there are a couple of options. This summer has definitely been keeping us on our toes, never a dull moment.

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