8th Summer CSA Share Predictions

A bit later on the post today than usual, perhaps subconsciously avoiding making any predictions. Here’s my guess: more tomatoes, summer squash, cucumbers, carrots, onions, basil and lettuce. There might be a bit of chard in there, not sure how much we’ll have though. There could be more beans but I think quantities on those are going down so they’ll likely be on the farm stand. Summer squash and cucumbers have also been slowing down but we should have some of both of those for at least another few weeks. Sweet peppers were “scheduled” to start this coming week. I’ve been checking on them and while there’s good fruit set, I don’t think anything will be ripe for at least a week or two.

We had a good week of getting plants in the ground and beds hoed, and we even managed to get some more cover crop seed into some beds that are finished for the year. Fall cabbage, lettuce, and beets all went in the ground smoothly. Next week is our last big planting week before the planting season starts to taper off. Sadly we said goodbye to Andrea, one of our star crew members who is off to work the vineyards this fall. Inevitably as the planting drops off so do our labor needs so while we’ll miss her, we should still be able to get everything done with a little extra hustle.

Not sure if you’ve noticed but I’ve been taking a photo of this same corner of the farm every Friday since May. Fun to see it go through an entire crop cycle, rest a bit and now come back to being almost fully planted out again. The farm is broken up into 8 planting blocks and about half of them get double planted in a year, the rest just getting a single planting. It’s always a tricky puzzle to fit together.

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