Summer CSA share – Week 4 of 13

Red leaf lettuce, carrots, summer squash, gold beets, basil, cucumbers and collard greens. I’ve been hearing from a few members that they’re not making it through their CSA shares in a week – so a more reasonably sized share this week, and lots of stuff that will keep quite well in the fridge if you don’t get to it right away. Not only that but we’re about done with our collard/kale/chard greens rotation for the time being as they don’t love the hot weather. They might stick around on the farm stand and in the share for another few appearances, but the end is in sight until cooler weather returns. Same goes for the beets, as these are the last of the spring plantings. The summer squash and cucs should stick around for a while, and we try to have lettuce all the way through September and into October before we transition to cooler season salad crops. The basil will make occasional appearances through the summer, too. (If you want to order bulk basil for pesto plan on doing that in the next month or so by emailing us directly.)

Another productive day of weeding, planting and various other forms of plant care on the farm today. The onions got, what I hope will be their last weeding before we harvest them over the next month. We planted kohlrabi for the fall and more lettuce. Carrots and leeks got weeded and we even seeded some summer cover crops in beds that are finished for now and won’t see crops for at least a few more months, if not until next year!