4th Summer CSA Share Predictions

Here’s what the plan from the winter said for this coming week: Collards, cucumbers, summer squash, lettuce, green beans, carrots, potatoes. I’ll be surprised if we get green beans, but the rest of it is all possible. We need to clear out the gold beets so even though we had red beets in the share this week, we might put more in next week, but those will be the last beets of the early season and they’ll keep really well in the fridge if you don’t use them right away. Basil is also looking good right now so that’s a possible addition, or it might just go on the farm stand depending on how much is ready.

The Yukon Gold potatoes didn’t yield quite as well as we hoped, but it sure was nice to see them yield at all after a slow start this spring – I’m not sure why. This week we have Red Norland potatoes on the list, but those are also looking slow and there might be a different variety that’s more ready. We may also give the potatoes another week to size up. At this point in the year every extra week we give them adds significant size to the tubers.

After some heat and holiday related delays, we finally caught up on plantings this week, and made a big dent in the big flush of weeds that the heat brought on. We also managed to finish getting all of the tomatoes and cucumbers trellised and trained – and that will make future training and harvesting much easier. This is also a big greenhouse seeding week, the time of year where we’re seeding lots of crops for the fall. I’m happy to say the radicchio and first of the fall brassicas are all germinating well and there’s lots more to seed next week, too.