2nd Summer CSA Share Predictions

The forecast for Monday is crazy hot following a crazy hot weekend! I’m working on the plan for dealing with that right now so if you’re a Monday CSA member keep an eye out for an email update soon – we’ll probably automatically switch you to Thursday for the week unless you explicitly ask to pick up on Monday.

What’s going to be in the share is almost as tricky to figure out, but here’s my best guess. Lettuce, collards, salad turnips, beets, kohlrabi, and basil. Arugula was on the original list and I’m doubtful it’ll hold up in the heat. Favas are also on the list, but they might need a bit more time. The summer squash and cucumbers are right on the verge and may be ready for next week.

The priority for now is keeping everything watered and the crew cool and healthy. We’re pretty good about taking lots of breaks, drinking lots of water and cycling into the shade when possible. Monday we’ll be extra diligent and work as few hours as possible to get the harvest done and then hope we can make up those hours later in the week when the weather cools off to merely being in the 90’s! It is important to remember that the night time lows are as important as the daily highs, and they look like they’ll be dropping as well, so that should be good.

One last note, the following Monday will be a complete day off for us for the July 4 holiday and we’ll be switching to Tuesday distribution that week.