Harvest Heat Delay

Pano of farm field

I sent out a note on Friday to all of our Monday CSA members letting them know we’re not harvesting today due to the heat. We’re going to try to harvest all of the CSA shares together on Thursday, fingers crossed I haven’t underestimated the amount of time that’ll take and any traffic jams it’ll cause during the pick up hours.

I did go to the farm this morning and with a few minor exceptions all of the vegetables were looking good, and there’s still plenty of water in the soil from the extra irrigations we’ve been running. Sunday afternoon when I stopped at the farm to turn on some irrigation it was about 105F. The butter lettuce, which is almost ready to harvest, was looking pretty wilted and a few other crops weren’t quite as perky as I would normally expect, but this morning it all had recovered and the temperatures were only in the low 80’s.

The heat may have impacts that we don’t see for days, weeks or months, but for the most part I think we’ll make it through with having to reschedule a harvest day being the biggest impact. The photo here is my usual Thursday shot, but from this morning. I’ll try to remember to get the share photo on Thursday this week.