Summer CSA share – Week 1 of 13

Summer is off to a hot start! The heat seems to have killed the snow peas, but that was somewhat expected. Snap peas continued for today and look promising for Thursday as well. Everything else seems to have made a good showing – lettuce, carrots, chard, green onions, mini cabbage heads, and salad turnips! In the photo is butter lettuce, but some folks got red leaf today and Thursday will probably mostly see summer green crisp heads.

Today was a juggling act of trying to get water to the things that really need it and we’ll be running a few extra irrigation sets this week, especially with it forecasted to get even hotter. That said, we’re relatively well set up for working in weather like this, plenty of shade and water breaks and crops planned for that can take a bit of heat this time of year. With a little luck some of the summer items will get a bit of a jump start on the season and we’ll be seeing lots of new crops soon as the heavy spring emphasis on greens fades into summer crops like cucumbers, summer squash and beans as it does every year in July.