Spring CSA share – Week 5 of 5

Spinach, beets, parsley, radishes, peas, carrots, a first sprig of basil and a head of lettuce (not pictured).

I just realized I didn’t put the lettuce in the photo this week, mostly we gave out our Samantha red leaf, but a few folks will get other varieties. Chard was originally on the list, but since beet greens are so similar (same genus and species, in fact) we’ll put it off for another week. There are plenty of other greens in the share, too: radish greens, which are excellent cooked (and some folks eat them raw, too); another round of spinach which is doing better this year than most; a bit of parsley with nicely sweet stems; and some people even use carrot greens to make pesto (although I’ll admit it’s one of the few things we ever give out that I don’t actually eat). Lots of roots in the shares: the radishes are huge, but still tender this week; beets have finally gotten big enough to give out and bunches include both red and gold varieties; and our first carrots are ready. There’s a first pinch of basil, mostly just because the plants needed to be pinched to start producing more, and they should with the warm weather coming.

We were a little short in the field today and the rain made field work tricky. We did get the pole bean trellis strings up, and some flowers and lettuce planted. The weeds are loving all the rain and as soon as it dries out they’ll be a top priority, along with getting the trellis strings up for all of the tomatoes and cucumbers!

Next week we transition to our summer shares. If you have a summer share look for directions in your email later this week. If you also had a spring share it’ll pretty much be the same routine, but you’ll get the email as a reminder.