5th Spring CSA Share Predictions

Chard, lettuce, parsley, peas, carrots, radishes, turnips was the rough plan I made back in January for next week’s share and it looks like we’ll be pretty close. Radishes were a week early and we distributed most of those last week, but we might have another round to harvest this coming week, or just put a few on the farm stand for folks who want more. It was a new variety for us and I very impressed with the size! Lettuce will probably be red leaf, but we might have a green crisp option, at least on the farm stand. The carrots didn’t germinate well so I’m not sure how many we’ll have, but they look like they’ll be ready, and we have another round of the salad turnips that looks like it’ll be ready to harvest, too!

Other possible additions to the share this coming week are beets and spinach, although those two might need another week in which case they’ll probably end up in the first summer CSA share in two weeks.

A cooking suggestion for the radish and turnip greens (and really any cooking greens) when you have more of them than you know what to do with – cook them with a bit of water for a long, long time until they are completely mushy (great job for a pressure cooker – takes about 5 minutes in one) and then chop or blend them up and eat them that way; or you can add a bit of fat (olive oil, butter, coconut milk/butter, etc.), salt and any spices you like (turmeric is a good one, but lots of others work too). This make a great dish on its own, or a sauce for rice, or bread, and it’s also great with tofu or fried chunks of paneer.

In the field this week Andrea got most of the t posts up for trellising the tomatoes, beans and cucumbers, so the job for this week is actually tying all of those up. We also continued planting and made some good progress on keeping the weeds down, as well as getting some compost spread in the fields. The rain should be a good thing for the fields, especially if we get some warm, sunny days to follow it next week.