Spring CSA share – Week 4 of 5

Fennel, lettuce, radishes, green onions, peas, and kale.

We left the tops on the fennel and they’re a nice addition to salads, or cooked greens. Some folks will get green crisp lettuce and some folks will get romaine this week. The romaine is the super sweet and crunchy Brown Goldring and unfortunately it got a bit of tip burn last week so you may need to trim the tops of the leaves when you clean it – but it’s worth it! The radishes are a new variety for us and they’re a really nice standard red radish that seems to have done well despite last week’s heat. Snow peas are in the Monday share and we also had snap peas for sale on the farm stand. We’ll have to see what we have ready for Thursday’s shares.

In the fields today Andrea and Allison got all of the leeks planted, as well as another round of lettuce. The trellising for the tomatoes, pole beans and cucumbers is all starting to go up as well. For some reason it seems like that’s happening early this year, maybe the heat last week, or maybe I’m just not remembering how early some things happen. In any case, it’s always a big change to have so many tall structures in the fields – definitely a sign that summer is coming soon!