4th Spring CSA Share Predictions

Lettuce, kale, fennel, peas, radishes, green onions. I was planning on romaine and some folks will probably get a head of that, but we’ve been having trouble with germination on that variety so most folks will probably get Nevada green crisp. We picked a few handfuls of peas yesterday, and it looks like we’ll have enough to put in the shares this coming week. I’m guessing some folks will get sugar snap and others will get Oregon Giant snow peas. Both are sweet, crisp and good raw or cooked with edible pods. We should have them from a few weeks so everyone will get to try both at some point.

Also on the possible list: carrots, beets, turnips, spinach. The turnips and spinach might make an appearance on the farm stand, but almost certainly won’t be in the share again for at least a week or two. I’m keeping a close eye on the carrots and beets and they’re both close, but might still need another week or two until they’re ready.

Looks like we might get a bit of cooler weather in the next week, maybe even some precipitation. At this point I think it’ll still be warm enough for the summer crops to grow well, it might just slow everything down a bit, not necessarily a bad thing – especially for cool weather lovers like the peas and greens! The heat and sun this week was good for the fields, and helped us get on top of the weed and get some of the summer crops off to a good start. Next week we’ll start putting up trellising for all the summer crops, always a milestone in the season.