Spring CSA share – Week 3 of 5

Choi, green onions, collards, spinach, turnips with greens, red butter lettuce and red leaf lettuce.

Normally we don’t double up on the lettuce, but with the heat this week and some extra lettuce in the field leftover from previous weeks it was looking too good to skip and it wasn’t going to hold an extra week in the ground as well as it’ll hold in your refrigerators. The heat is also causing the spinach to bolt, although it’s really a bonus round as we weren’t expecting it to go this long. Note that the stems are completely edible, as are the little flower buds, although at this point I think it’s best chopped up and cooked (or cooked and chopped up). Green onions are new this week and while they’re still a bit small, they’ll definitely add some good flavor. We’ll continue harvesting from this planting for the next month or so, probably on alternate weeks, and they’ll continue to get fatter with time. Depending on a few factors Thursday’s share may look a little different – possibly different lettuces, less choi, more spinach? There’s also a chance that we’ll have the first pick of peas – they weren’t quite ready yesterday but they’re getting close.

Bit of an odd day yesterday: shuffling irrigations with the holiday and heat, and just two of us harvesting after a few weeks of much larger crews. In the end the heat wasn’t that bad and we were well prepared for it. Even with just two of us we managed a bit of time for hoeing, and the heat creates perfect conditions for killing weeds! Thursday kicks off what should be the start of a more regular crew schedule and I’m looking forward to it!