3rd Spring CSA Share Predictions

Panorama of farm fields

The greens have been doing well and they’ll star in this coming week’s share. Looks like we’ll have plenty of lettuce, likely a bit of our Pirat butter lettuce, and maybe some romaine on the farm stand as well as green crisp and red leaf – might be a double lettuce share, looking at all the heads that are ready right now so get your salad bowls ready. To accompany the lettuce we’ll have more salad turnips, and new for this week will be scallions to spice things up. Collards and more bok choi should also make it into the shares. Arugula and spinach should at least be on the farm stand. We weren’t planning on them being in the shares, but we may have enough for one or the other to make another appearance. Beets and peas were in the plan made in the winter. The beets look like they could probably use a bit more time to size up, and there are peas on the vines, but very hard to tell how much we’ll get next week until we actually go out and pick them. Those two are both coming, just not sure how soon. We’ll continue to have extra kale and chard on the farm stand, and possibly a bit more of the fava greens before we let those plants go on to make beans.

The rain this past week was really nice to see back. Also nice that it wasn’t quite so cold. Coming out of that rain it looks like we’re going to have a warm, sunny week and that should be great for all the crops – as well as encouraging a big flush of growth from the weeds so we’ll have to spend some time keeping on top of that.

One last note, as we have for the past few years, we’ll be taking Memorial Day off and moving Monday’s CSA pick-up to Tuesday.