Spring CSA share – Week 1 of 5

Longstanding Bloomsdale spinach, Nevada lettuce, French Breakfast radishes with tops, Lacinato Rainbow kale, Basic arugula.

The share this week is pretty much exactly as planned, which almost never happens. I’ve listed the variety names above and think about all the stories I have from years of growing each of these varieties, knowing a little about where they came from and who bred some of them, who grew some of the seed or at least sold it to the farm. In the coming weeks I’ll try to give backstory occasionally on some of the varieties as well as sharing ideas for simple ways to use them. For more ideas on how to use all of the vegetables definitely check out cookwithwhatyouhave.com (if you’re a CSA member your share comes with a subscription so if you didn’t get the sign up info let use know and we’ll get it to you).

The one note I’ll make this week is that the radish tops are just as edible as the roots. I know people who eat them raw, but I find them a bit hairy for that. Instead I chop them up fine, sautée in olive oil and then sprinkle with a bit of vinegar and salt (which is how I eat a lot of my vegetables). The roots are good this way too, but they’re even better sliced up in salad, or on a nice buttered slice of bread with salt.

One other notable from yesterday’s first harvest is that despite having a crew of entirely new folks, we had a super productive day on the farm and we’re on our way back to being caught up. Big thanks to Philip and Sarah for stepping in to help out short term, and to Allison, who is a great addition to the farm crew this year!