1st Spring CSA Share Predictions!

Field of veggies

CSA harvests start Monday and I took a look at the fields today to see what’s ready. Here’s my best guesses, and I’ll try to post these for the following week every week this year: lettuce, radish, spinach, kale, and arugula! The lettuce will probably be green crisp, and the kale is our standard, Lacinato Rainbow. It’s a little tough to tell how much spinach and radish we’ll get as both didn’t do as well as hoped and are suffering a bit from various insect damage, but I’m optimistic we’ll have enough for the shares and if not we’ll sub in something else. The arugula looks great right now and we should have a decent bag of that for everyone.

I’m working on the email about pick-up details right now, and it should be in inboxes by late Friday evening. To keep things simple for everyone we’re going to continue with the process from last year and just make a couple of small tweaks to improve the flow. Recent CDC news on vaccines and masks is great, and makes me very optimistic that we’ll be able to make some changes for the summer season.