2nd Spring CSA Share Predictions

Next week’s planned share (planned back in January) was for arugula, chard, lettuce, fava tips, peas and salad turnips. The peas are just starting to make their first little pods so at this point we still have at least another week or two until our first harvest of those. Everything else is looking very good, and we may have a few more radishes to add to the mix. I’ll be checking on the pac choi as well; it’s getting big, but I’m not sure if it’ll be quite ready yet.

It was a cold week on the farm! This was great for taking some pressure off of the first harvest days, making it easier for us to keep the produce in top shape. It wasn’t as ideal for planting some of the summer crops that were scheduled to go in the ground this week. We did end up getting the summer squash and sweet peppers planted, as they both looked like they didn’t want to hang out in greenhouse any longer and it’s not really looking like it’s going to warm up significantly in the next week or so. I held back on the eggplant and hot peppers, but those will probably go in the ground next week, despite the continuing cool forecast.

I think we finally have our regular crew hired for the season, and by the second week of June it looks like the labor schedule will be back to a more steady state! Big thanks to everyone who has been filling in hours, we’ve been really fortunate to have had long time farm supporters Sarah and Philip step in to cover shifts for a couple of weeks while we hire more permanent folks. Between them, and Allison’s ability to quickly learn many of the systems on the farm, we’re actually keeping up with most of the planting and weed control and zillion other little tasks that are so easy to fall behind on at this time of year.

One last note, as we have for the past few years, we’ll be taking Memorial Day off and moving Monday’s CSA pick-up to Tuesday that week. I’ll send out reminders of that change next week.