Fall predictions- week 3

All kinds of possibilities for next week: beets, spinach, carrots, kale, lettuce, leeks, sweet peppers. We might mix it up with some Rutabaga thinnings, hakurei turnips, cabbage or collards. I’m thinking that the tomatoes are basically done but there are lots of green ones out there so we’ll open it up to you-pick. Peppers are slowing down but I’m pretty sure we’ll get another week out of them.

Besides harvest there’s a bunch of clean up happening in the field. Those kale plants pictured above are getting tall and Laura and Tiiu stripped all of the funky leaves from the summer off yesterday, leaving just the new growth. Irrigation season is over at this point so we’re winding up all of the drip tape, and taking out the sprinklers. Taking down the trellises for the cucumbers is on the list of things to do so that we can seed a bit of cover crop before the soil gets too cold. Always lot of work to do but definitely less than just a few weeks ago.

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