Fall Share – Week 3

Tomatoes are finished for the year (except for a few in the field that we’ve opened up for you-pick), peppers are waning, but the fall crops are filling the shares today and we’re trying some new things. In the share today leeks make their first appearance, and we have a bit of butter lettuce. I’ve put a cabbage in the photo but not all of the cabbage was ready so we’re giving the choice of cabbage, collards or kale this week and we’ll probably keep doing that for most of the rest of the season. Carrots and beets made it into the shares, as did the kabocha squash and some lovely spinach.

The leeks are long, which is great! The beet greens are beautiful! It’s definitely fall. The kabocha is ready to eat now, but it will get even better over the next few weeks if you don’t use it immediately – just leave it in a dry spot that’s not too cold. This last round of sweet peppers is a bit less ripe but they will continue to ripen and color fully on a kitchen counter.

It was nice to have another dry day in the field -especially since I was expecting to be harvesting in the rain all day. Looks like we might get lucky again on Thursday with the weather – fingers crossed.

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