Fall Share – Week 2

Celery, sweet peppers, tomatoes, winter squash, shallots, arugula, lettuce and chard.

The celery is the last of the year and it keeps great in the fridge if you aren’t using it all right away. I’ve been loving it as an addition to salads, but it’s also really good for adding flavor to soups and stuffings now that it’s getting colder. Sweet peppers are slowing down but we still have a good selection this week, while tomatoes are pretty much stopped. I mentioned in the last post that our winter squash harvest was very small this year. This week we’re giving out the acorn and delicata (one or the other) and those should be good to eat any time from now until next month. We’ll give out the remaining varieties soon (kabocha, black futsu, and butternut) and those will be best if they’re held for a few weeks before cooking, but they can also be used when we give them out. The first of the shallots go out this week and these have great flavor and will also keep for a long time if not used right away. We’re back into cut greens with the arugula, and we’re continuing with lettuce and big bunches of chard.

I started pulling the popcorn out of the field today, taking advantage of a dry afternoon. Unfortunately I’m still not sure if there’ll be enough to give out. The wind blew the covers off of our fall plantings of radishes and turnips which gave me a good look at those and they’re looking great so far, but still a few weeks out. Harvesting the celery today I walked by the celery root, which is also looking great. My fingers are crossed that the weather continues a mix of enough wet to keep the plants growing, and enough dry to keep any rot from growing in the fields. So far it’s been a decent mix and today’s breeze helped dry things out after the wetter weather this weekend.

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