Fall Predictions- Week 2

Here are the likely candidates for tomorrow’s share: shallots, chard, lettuce, celery, sweet peppers and arugula. There’s a slim possibility that tomatoes might hang on an extra week, maybe cucumbers too. This wet cold weather is definitely not going to help those crops though and the fall greens and roots are likely to dominate the rest of the year at this point.

I clipped most of the winter squash on Friday and we may get that into the shares this week. We’ve had a terrible winter squash and popcorn year so there won’t be much unfortunately.

In better news, Tiiu and Laura got the chard cleaned up last week, the carrots and beets are looking good, and many of the other fall seeding seem to have gotten a very good start. Let’s hope for a little more dry weather in the coming weeks to keep the fall crops growing strongly to the end.

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