Summer Predictions – Week 13

Next week is the final week of our summer season and it seems the weather has already transitioned to fall. Somewhat amazingly I don’t think we’re going to be far off of our harvest projections due to the weather – although the tomatoes have virtually shut down so we’ll see if we get any of those. Sweet peppers seem to be doing fine with this weather, not sure how long that’ll last but I’m hoping they’ll continue for a few more weeks. The cucurbits are basically done; we might have a few stragglers on the farm stand, but the projection was for last week to be the final week for cucumbers and summer squash and it was right on. Lettuce should be good, and I’m thinking we might have some of our summer planted kale and collards (fingers crossed that the brassica white fly hasn’t gotten to them yet). On the list for next week is a round of shallots and we definitely have those. Parsley is another strong possibility with a second planting looking like it’s ready for a first harvest and the original spring planting coming back, too. I’m thinking we might put carrots in the share again as they’re nicely sized up and it would be good to move through that bed.

I had the opportunity yesterday to uncover and hoe a bunch of the fall crops that are under row cover. The row cover protects them from various insect pest but it makes it hard to see what’s happening with the crops. They’re all looking good under there so I’m optimistic for good fall harvests. Laura and Tiiu were also able to pick a lot of our dry beans before it starts raining again. We’ll be selling those later in the year through special order – after I have a chance to shell and clean them. The early dry bean varieties are mostly in, but we still have a lot of later varieties that I’m hoping we’ll get more dry weather for.

One last note: our fall CSA is full but if you want a share let me know – I’ve started a waiting list. If you’ve already signed up for fall I’ll be sending out an email about the fall shares next week so look for that in your inbox.

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