Final Summer Share – Week 13

In the share yesterday was a small bunch of kale, sweet peppers, carrots, red onions, a cucumber, a summer squash, a tomato, a bunch of parsley and a head of red leaf lettuce. The cucumbers and summer squash are still holding on, but I’m not sure if there’ll be more for Thursday this week. The tomatoes have plenty of green fruit, but it’s ripening very, very slowly with this weather. I had thought we were finished with the red onions but I found a tote of them in the shed with the storage onions so those go in the share while we continue to clean the storage onions and shallots for the fall shares.

We got lucky yesterday and it was a mostly dry day on the farm, only a few very short showers in the late afternoon. That allowed us to take care of some of the weeds germinating in the fall crops from all of the rain we’ve been getting. I actually had a bunch of rainy day chores in mind, thinking we’d be soaked all day. We’ll have to do those another day and with this forecast it looks like maybe that’ll be sooner rather than later. This is definitely the wettest late summer I can remember in the 19 year I’ve been farming here. We’ve had a few very dry falls recently so my perspective might be a little warped. I have a vague memory of a season about 8 or 9 years ago that was so cool we never got any tomatoes at all.

Fall shares will start next week and I’ll send out confirmations to fall CSA members today or tomorrow. The fall season is scheduled to last 9 weeks and to go until the week before Thanksgiving. Expect more roots and greens in the near future.

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