Summer Share – Week 12

In the share today: celery, sweet peppers, summer squash, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and chard.

The sharp turn in the weather really put the breaks on the tomatoes. The plants still have lots of fruit on them so I’m hoping we’ll get a little more sun and warmth before the end of summer to ripen some more. This is probably the last week for summer squash and cucumbers, although that was expected and the plan all along. Peppers are coming in well and would be helped with a bit more heat, but we’re still harvesting all of the varieties – 8 sweet sweet pepper varieties this year, although 3 are pretty much the same. Bridge to Paris, Stocky Red Roaster and Karma are all very similar and I can’t tell them apart at this point; they’re all red horn shaped peppers. The Jimmy Nardello, a long, thin frying pepper, and Liebesapfel, a red, round paprika type, are the earliest and the most prolific. We also have the orange-red Gypsy Queens, Gatherer’s Gold – a yellow version of Stocky Red, and an orange bell-type, Eituda which is new for us this year.

The potatoes are German Butter Ball and these are the last of the potatoes for the year. We have A LOT of chard right now so big bunches – I’ve been braising it which makes it much smaller, and very delicious.

There wasn’t much field work done today, just a little weeding in the wet. We did get some onions cleaned for the fall shares. There is still one more week of summer shares after this week. Fall will start the week after that and I’ll send out confirmations and details on the fall shares next week to folks who have signed up for shares. We’re fully subscribed right now which is great!

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