Summer Share – Week 8

Pretty close to as predicted: Nevada summer crisp lettuce, a couple of cucumbers, a couple of summer squash, a few tomatoes, a handful of beans, red onion, carrots, chard and basil. Padron peppers and eggplant made it to the farm stand, along with some other extras and some beautiful flower bouquets by our talented CSA member, Sarah Fry.

The big rain this weekend was probably mostly good for the farm, as I was feeling like we needed a little extra water and the skies delivered. It will probably mean more weeds to knock back in the short term, but we’ll take it. Ironically, we picked the first of the dry beans this afternoon – our soranas that will be shelled later this fall. Dry beans aren’t part of the CSA shares, but we’ll have them for special order. We have more dry beans that will need to be picked soon, and we’ll also be pulling all of the onions and shallots soon to cure those for storage, so I’m hoping for dry weather for a bit at this point.

Besides a pretty decent harvest day we also managed to get a quadruple planting of fall lettuce in, a share or two worth of kohlrabi, and I was able to seed some spinach (fingers crossed for good germination – we haven’t had great luck the past few years with fall spinach). I was also able to get more cover crops seeded which always makes me happy – nice to get the soil covered with something other than weeds to help keep it productive.

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