Summer Predictions – Week 9 – Plus Thank Yous

Last week my good friend and fantastic farm Photographer Shawn Linehan came and took some photos. I think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been a little too busy to take many photos this year, and I’m terrible about getting photos with people in them, so it was especially nice to have her get photos with both the crew and some of our wonderful CSA members. A link to the full gallery is here.

On the topic of flowers (which is why I picked that particular photo above), our CSA member, Sarah Fry, who has been offering beautiful bouquets through the farm stand just let me know that her garden is transitioning back to fall veggies right now so this week was the last week of flowers from her. Fortunately we have an abundance of blooms in the u-pick section – and they’ll keep producing more if you pick them, so pick lots! The same goes for the herbs, padron peppers and cherry tomatoes, and I think I saw some other hot peppers starting to ripen as well.

Back to predicting what we’ll be harvesting next week, likely candidates are: lettuce (butter or romaine, not sure which yet), more sweet onions, summer squash, cucumbers, a few stalks of celery, and many tomatoes. The summer squash and cucumbers seem to be slowing down a bit, but we had a big tomato harvest Thursday and I expect it won’t be our only big one.

There are a few other possible items for the share that I’m keeping my eye on. The chard is producing well, but I’m not sure I want to over do it so we’ll probably take a week off. Sweet peppers and eggplant are slow this year. We sampled the eggplant on Thursday but my guess is that we’ll only be putting it in intermittently over the next month or two. Peppers look like they’re another week or two away, but I could be surprised. At some point soon we’ll be digging more potatoes, could even be next week. Beets are the other crop that comes to mind, but I think those might also need another week or two to size up, we’ll see on Monday.

We’re still picking smaller quantities of Romano beans and padron peppers for the farm stand, and we can pick basil to order (give us at least a day advance notice). I always try to have a few extra greens up there as well as small bits of the veggies that didn’t quite fit into the regular CSA numbers.

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