Summer Predictions – Week 8

Here’s my best guess for next week’s harvest: Swiss chard, carrots, celery, romano beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash, onions, and lettuce. Basil and eggplant are two outside possibilities but it is more likely that we’ll have them on the farm stand. The original plan had sweet peppers starting next week; on my field walk they’re looking good but probably not ready to harvest for another week or two. We will have padron peppers at the farm stand, and some of the hot peppers might be ready in the pick your own section in the next week or two.

Besides hot peppers, in the pick your own section the flowers are looking great and I’d love to see folks picking even just a handful to take home for the table (or pick a big bouquet!) Cherry tomatoes are just starting to come on and we have four varieties this season.

This time of year gets a little repetitive with week after week of cucumbers, summer squash and tomatoes – but the season for those is so short and there are so many options for preparing them that I hope you all are enjoying the abundance. Last year wasn’t a very good cucumber year, but this year we’ve had more than we expected. So far the chard has also been more abundant than expected and so we’re continuing to harvest it more heavily than we planned. There are a few crops that haven’t worked as well – no provider green beans this year, less eggplant than I hoped for – but that’s the typical variation from year to year, some things do better, some do worse, so we plant a wide range and do our best to give them all a good shot at being productive.

In the field this week we made some good progress on knocking back weeds, and planting chicories and roots for the fall. The cool weather is also conveniently for germinating our final round of lettuce seeding in the greenhouse. Unfortunately last week’s heat made our first round of fall spinach starts bolt before we could get them planted, but we’ll try for a direct seeding and see if we can make that work, along with the second round of transplants still coming up in the greenhouse.

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