Summer Share – Week 7

We’re a at the half way mark for summer and the tomatoes are finally here. We harvest the tomatoes with a range of ripenesses, and mostly we try to pick them before they’re dead ripe. This give you at least a few days to eat the tomato before it’s over ripe. We also harvest some that are a day or two away from being really ready, which again, gives you a few more days before you need to eat the tomato. If you want tomatoes that will make it back to your house in good shape, and will be prime a few days after they get to your house, pick the firmer, lighter colored tomatoes and then let them sit out on your counter. The warmer the spot you leave them in, the faster they’ll ripen. I’ll try to do a post with photos of all of the varieties when they’re all ready. For today we had a mixed batch with some Black Krim, Pruden’s Purple, Matina, and Red Racers to choose from.

Similarly, with the summer squashes we’re growing we’re picking a variety of sizes, leaning toward larger squash, but putting out a mix of sizes for folks to choose from.

Today’s share also has cucumbers, which are still going strong, red leaf lettuce, Romano beans, sweet onion, and beet greens. The beet greens are the thinnings from our next beet crop which should be ready for a full harvest in a few weeks.

Today we also got to plant the radicchio and pan di zucchero for the fall shares, two of my favorite crops. With a little luck, on Thursday we’ll also get around to seeding a bunch of the roots for fall, and the final lettuce planting of the year.

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