Summer Predictions – Week 7

Romano beans, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, summer squash, chard, tomatoes were all in the plan for the share when I made it up in January.

First, some notes on expected changes from the original plan: unfortunately the cool season mixed with symphylans (a little soil dweller that eats roots) has really set the eggplant back and it’s just starting to recover. The tomatoes are coming in very slowly. It’ll probably be a small share of those, but we did have enough of the early matina and red racers to give out samples on Thursday last week. Last week we also gave out chard so I’m thinking we’ll give it a week to regrow and see if we can get another green, possibly the kale or collards, into the shares. Beet greens are another possibility as we have a planting that might need some thinning – and beet greens are basically chard… We also have a few wild cards that could show up in the shares any time: celery, onions, and carrots.

On the farm stand I’m hoping we’ll have basil and padron peppers. If those are favorites of yours make sure to check them out. The other peppers are looking pretty good but they’re still a few weeks out from harvest, at least. On the basil, if you’re looking for larger quantities to make pesto please send me a note and let me know how much you’d like – I can try to let you know if we’ll have enough and to reserve some for you.

We had a good week of planting and preparing for more planting of fall crops next week. It’s been so busy that I’ve been forgetting to take photos while I’m at the farm (of everything except for irrigation meters). Here’s a photo of some of the vegetables from the farm that are currently in my fridge (I eat a lot of the weird looking ones).

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