Summer Share – Week 6

This weeks share is pretty close to predicted. Yesterday was a long day so I’m a bit late in posting this photo of the share. We did get a lot of fall planting done though so that was good.

In the share is butter lettuce, Romano beans, summer squash, red potatoes, red onion, cucumbers, chard and just a few padron peppers.

The beans are just starting so it was a small share and we hope to have more next week. The padron peppers are just a sample and we don’t have enough planted for big shares, but there are some in the you pick section that will be ready soon, and we’ll be selling larger quantities at the farm stand. They’re mostly not hot (unless they get too big) and I like them best fried in oil and tossed with salt, then eaten whole. I’ve also found that the larger, spicy ones, do make a nice salsa.

With the warm weather we saw the very first ripe tomatoes – not quite enough to fit into the shares yet but they’ll be here soon. I was hoping to get one last summer bunch of collards in the share but they’re not looking too good from the warm weather so we’re giving out chard instead. Collards and kale will be on vacation until the weather cools off again in the fall.

Yesterday’s long planting list included more collards and kale. We also planted more parsley and fennel, and I seeded the last round of carrots. Fingers crossed for a good fall harvest!