Summer Predictions – Week 6

Looks like it’s going to be a warm one next week, we’re pretty much at peak irrigation season right now. In terms of vegetables, that warm weather should help ripen all of those green tomatoes hanging out – but I’m still not sure if we’ll have any ready for next week’s harvest, almost definitely by the week after if not next week. Other than tomatoes, next week’s harvest should look similar to this last week’s. We’ll have a few more of the red potatoes, we should have more carrots, the collards might still be good enough for a bunch green even. There won’t be basil or celery, but this is the kind of weather than cucumbers and summer squash love so I’m guessing we’ll have a glut of those. After a very poor cucumber year last year we’re having huge yields this year, at least from the Marketmores. I hope you’re all making lots of cucumber salads. Continuing with predictions, we’ll put some onions in the shares again, and the lettuce will probably be butter heads.

besides harvest next week, we also have a lot of planting to do for the fall. Carrots, lettuce, kale, fennel and parsley are all slated to go in the ground, and we’ll be seeding escarole and spinach in the greenhouse, hoping the heat doesn’t inhibit their germination.