Summer Share – Week 5

The shares are getting more predictable – which means last week’s prediction was pretty much right on. In the share this week are more carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, summer squash, onion, celery, romaine and kale.

A few quick notes on some of the items. The celery is a first pick, really a cleaning up of the plants to encourage more big stems later and that means today’s stems are a bit smaller and more suited to chopping up for flavor in a salad or soup than for slathering with peanut butter and raisins. The lettuce and kale are also not at their absolute prime after the recent heat, but I think they’re still better than most of what you’ll find in the stores.

The potatoes are a new variety for us, Giant White. The do seem to make a few giant potatoes, as well as quite a few small ones. I cooked up one for dinner and was very happy with the flavor and texture. In some ways it overlaps with Yukon Gold and I’m not sure I like it as well, but let me know what you think. We also dug the rest of the Dark Red Norland potatoes today but we’ll give those out next week (I actually hadn’t realized we had more when we first dug them last week).

By the end of last week I was feeling more caught up with weeding and all of the other field work than I have in months. That’s not to say that we’re completely caught up, but we’re not nearly as behind as we’ve been. I think we’re in a bit of a calm before the storm pattern right now as we’ll start making a bunch of new plantings for the fall in the next few weeks and that will greatly increase our labor needs for both planting and weeding. We’ll see how that goes, but right now it feels like we might just be able to handle it.