Summer Share – Week 4

Another solid share yesterday, getting a little heavier with fruit and roots. This might have been the last full harvest of broccoli and I’m not sure that Thursday will get any this week, although Thursday members have been getting a little more than Mondays’ so todays harvest evened that out a bit.

More new potatoes, meaning the skins haven’t set yet so they’re a bit more delicate and have a bit more moisture in them – Dark Red Norlands this time. Red onions make their first appearance. We’ll be harvesting onions fresh for the next month or so, not every week, but a few times. After that we’ll start giving out onions and shallots that are cured for longer storage (or immediate use, your choice). These fresh onions will still keep very well in your fridge if you don’t get to them right away.

Speaking of storing the vegetables in your fridge, we’ve been giving out the carrots with tops, but if you’re not eating them right away and you’re storing them, make sure to remove the tops. If you leave them on they’ll continue to suck water out of the roots and the roots will go soft sooner.

Also in the share: chard, parsley, summer squash, cucumbers and lettuce. The parsley is a moderately sized bunch, and a particularly sweet variety that we’ve been growing for years now based on a recommendation from #denisonfarms. Yet another farmer @farmer.laura told me she thinks of it more as a green and less as an herb, and I think this is a great way to treat it. I really like it chopped finely and cooked in olive oil with pretty much any of the other summer vegetables (I like pretty much everything cooked in olive oil).

At the farm stand we’ve had some extra beets, turnips, and cosmetically challenged, but delicious kohlrabi and those will only be around for a week or so. We’ll try to continue to have extra lettuce and greens for a while and we’ll probably have extra summer squash and cucumbers soon.

As always, remember to check out recipes on @cookwithwhatyouhave if you need any tips or new ideas for how to use the vegetables.