Summer Predictions – Week 4

Here’s what I’m thinking for next week’s share: lettuce, summer squash, cucumbers, parsley, potatoes, kale or chard, broccoli, and carrots.

The lettuce will be our green crisp, Nevada. The summer squash will be Mutabile zucchini, Genovese zucchini, and Pattison patty pans should be making it into the mix next week. We also have three cucumbers that we’ll be harvesting: Marketmore slicers, Shintokiwa are a sweeter longer style, and lemon cucumbers should be showing up soon too.

Broccoli and bunch greens like kale and chard won’t continue all summer as they don’t really love hot summer weather, but it looks one or more of them they might make it into next week’s share.

Potatoes and carrots are hard to predict quantities and qualities until we actually dig them, but the tops are looking good so we’re hoping for a good harvest next week. Parsley is versatile herb but it goes particularly nicely with the potatoes so we’ll try to do bunches of that for next week as well.

A few posts back I mentioned that one of our CSA members is growing beautiful flowers and would be making them available at the farm stand. The photo above are the bouquets she brought on Thursday – definitely brightening up our display! I brought home pair of these and they’re making my dining table a very happy place along with the great produce going into my meals. We’re starting to have a few cut flowers out in the pick your own section of the farm so if you want flowers you have multiple options now.