Summer Share – Week 3

I got a little distracted with the holiday last week and never got around to predicting the share last week. We’re overlapping some spring holdouts today with the first of the summer crops. Collards, arugula, hakurei turnips, and favas all hold on for another week, although Thursday probably won’t see the turnips as they got a huge share of them last week. We always try to have a head of lettuce in the share and this week it’s our red leafed Samantha. Beets are another that shows up through the spring, summer and fall and these are the last of our first two plantings of the season. We have another planting that will be ready in a month or so, and more to seed soon. The purple peacock broccoli is continuing to slowly make heads and side shoots so we’ve got a bit of that in the share – remember to use all of it, including the leaves and stems. Basil, zucchini and cucumbers are the summer crops that are starting to come on strong. With a little luck we’ll have all three on regular rotation through August. We have two types of zucchini, the dark Mutabile and lighter Genovese. We also have two types of cucumbers (with a third coming soon). Shintokiwa is a long Japanese type and Marketmore is our standard slicer. Lemon cucs should be here in a week or two.

Not in the share, but at the farm stand are some beautiful bouquets from CSA member Sarah Fry. She’ll be bringing them to the farm stand when she has time. You can pay for them in cash there or put them on your account just like the farm’s vegetables.

In the field it’s non stop training of the tomatoes and cucumbers, that and hoeing and mowing and trying to make some time to seed in the greenhouse and plant in the field too. The past two weeks we’ve also had some great volunteer help cleaning up around the edges, weeding in the kids’ garden, edging the beds and taking out all of the blackberries around the perimeter. Good stuff and it’s making the farm look great!