Summer Share – Week 1

Green onions, Genovese basil, Dazzling Blue kale, Haurkei turnips, favas, snap peas, zucchini, mixed beets, and Brown Goldring lettuce.

Possibly the last of the peas today, but the first of the favas (see if you need suggestions on how to prepare them). Basil and zucchini are just samples. Confusingly we’re growing Genovese basil and Genovese zucchini. The Genovese zucchini is the light green one with a slightly nuttier flavor than the more usual darker green Mutabile.

The peas today even out the distributions of snap peas for Mondays and for Thursday’s share we’ll probably start either cabbage or broccoli depending on which is ready first so the share there will look a little different.

Both the turnip greens and the beet greens are looking good. I just ate beet greens and radish greens (from last week’s share) for dinner, chopped and cooked until soft in olive oil, then seasoned with salt and white vinegar – great stuff.

In the field this week we’re focusing on trellising and training the tomatoes and cucumbers but there’s lots of other work as well: renovating beds, planting more crops, and always lots of hoeing and irrigation.