Summer Predictions- Week 1

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! Next week our summer CSA shares start and here’s the projection I made way back in January for what would be in the share: arugula, beets, broccoli, cabbage, collards, fennel, lettuce, peas and turnips.

Fennel is definitely off the list, not sure what happened there, but somehow that planting never made it into the field. We are likely to have lettuce, peas and turnips. The turnips looked great this week and there are more where those came from. Our successions of lettuce are working nicely right now so expect a regular supply of those for a while, as well as extras at the farm stand. Peas are just about finished but we should have snap peas for at least Monday’s shares, and with some luck also for Thursday. Taking over in the pea slot, the favas look like they’re a little earlier this year than last year.

Beets are another likely candidate. I’m not sure why I put broccoli, collards and cabbage in the plan for one share. I don’t think the broccoli and cabbage will be ready for another week or two at least, but the broccoli variety we’re growing this year is actually a cross with kale and the leaves look great so we might harvest some of the leaves for bunches. We’ll definitely have some bunched green in the mix, and a new round of arugula is looking close to being ready.

We still have some green onions so expect the last of those in the share. Basil is looking good right now and summer squash is super close so we might have the first small squash of the season if we’re lucky. Carrots are another possibility, although with beets and turnips already in the share we might take a week off of those.

On Thursday we had a nice treat from CSA member Sarah Fry who used to be a flower farmer and now does it as a hobby in her yard. She delivered a handful of beautiful bouquets that some lucky members went home with. We’re considering offering these for sale at the farm stand so if you’re interested in purchasing Cully grown cut flower bouquets occasionally, let us know we should add them to the mix. We’re also growing some cut flowers in the PYO area, but nothing compared to what she brought yesterday.

In the field we’re still catching up on our initial trellising and making slow progress in keeping up with the weeds. This cooler, damp weather is causing more weeds to germinate, and it’s slowing down growth on some of our summer crops. On the other hand, it’s been really nice to work in and the greens are loving it too.