Spring Share – Week 6

This is the final week of spring. Next week summer starts and the days actually start to get shorter again. In today’s share we’ve got: Yellow Collards, Italian Flat Leaf parsley, Oregon Giant snow peas, Azure kohlrabi, Napoli carrots, hakurei turnips, Pink Beauty radishes, Sugar Snap peas, and Nevada lettuce.

If you haven’t had kohlrabi before it’s great raw or cooked, but I highly recommend peeling it, which unfortunately will eliminate the purple color but will make it much easier to chew. Tips on using all of the herbs and vegetables are always in abundance over at @cookwithwhatyouhave’s website so remember to take advantage of that perk of being a member of the farm.

In the field today we got more lettuce planted, and more trellising up. We still have a bit to go, but I’m hopeful that all of the climbing plants will be tied up and supported by the end of the week.

If you’re a summer CSA member remember to check your email for details on picking up. That should be in your inbox by Wednesday of this week.