Spring Share – Week 6 Predictions

Next week is the final week of spring. The week after we’ll transition to our summer shares.

For the final week of spring here’s what we’re looking at including in the share: pink beauty radishes, hakurei turnips, Nevada lettuce, parsley, peas, kale, carrots and kohlrabi are all possibilities. Summer squash and cucumbers will be here soon, but maybe not until summer.

I’ve been looking at the long term harvests, not just next week’s harvest. Many of the crops are looking great right now, potatoes and greens in particular, also the carrots and beets. I just reseeded parsnips to try to augment the thin germination/survival from the early seeding. Winter squash is also looking a little thin and we may try to reseed some of that, but it might be too late at this point. Our first crop of green beans may be a failure due to some pest (rabbits?).

We’re behind on trellising tomatoes, cucumbers and beans but those are all looking pretty good right now. Some of the lemon cucumbers didn’t make it but it’s still looking good for a good crop of slicers and we have a new Japanese variety in the hoop house I’m excited to try. We also did get quite a bit of the initial trellising done on Thursday – note the above photo of Laura pounding in posts in the tomatoes. With some luck we’ll be caught up on that by the end of next week.