Summer Predictions – Week 2

It’s looking like week two is going to go pretty close to our projection from this winter. Broccoli,

cabbage, arugula, butter lettuce, favas, and carrots were all on that list and should be in the share next week. Broccoli and cabbage broccoli actually made an early appearance on Thursday. The broccoli we’re growing this year is one bred here in Oregon called purple peacock. The plants are very showy and it’s actually a cross between broccoli and two types of kale. We just had a sample for Thursday and we’re hoping for more. It makes very small heads and we’re included a bit of the leaves with it, which are also very tasty. Purple peacock is a new one for us so we’re still figuring it out and hoping it’ll be productive. Cabbage will only be for Monday this week, as Thursday already got the first heads of this mini variety. (Also, if you have a Thursday share remember that this coming week we’ll be harvesting on Wednesday to avoid the holiday)

Also likely in the share, and only off by a week or so in our plan from the winter, are collard greens, zucchini, hakurei turnips, and possibly the first of the potatoes. We’ll do a little exploring in the potatoes on Monday to see if they’re big enough yet, but based on a couple of accidental unearthings during hilling a couple of weeks ago I’m guessing there’ll be at least a few lunkers already.

Yesterday was a wet one on the farm but it looks like we’ll be back to sun again next week – a good thing as we need more warm, sunny weather to really get the summer crops going. While we’re just getting going on trellising all of the summer crops, we’re already starting to plant and prep for fall crops. We managed to get the fall cabbage planted after the showers yesterday by hand prepping the bed. It’s a never ending cycle of plant, cultivate, harvest this time of year.