Week 27 Predictions

Next week is the final week of the 2018 CSA season and right now it’s looking like the weather will be kind to us for another week.

Here’s what I think will be in the share, but of course we never know what kind of shape things are in until we actually harvest them – especially the roots which hide underground:

Kale, red mustard, Gilfeather turnips, winter radishes, parsnips, carrots, leeks and parsley.

A few notes on some of items. The Gilfeather turnips are actually a very sweet variety of rutabaga. Germination on that crop wasn’t great so we won’t have many roots but I’m keeping my hopes up that we’ll have enough and they should be bigger. The parsnips are in this same low germination, but potentially large size camp. The leaves are at least looking really good, we’ll see what we get when we dig the roots. Talking to my farming friend Laura Masterson (47th Avenue Farm) she was telling me that she thinks of parsley more like a green than an herb and I think that’s a good approach – not something that needs to be used in small quantities only, a green that’s great cooked or fresh, and that works well with other vegetables and especially generous quantities of olive oil.

At the farm stand we should have a few remaining winter squash, all good to eat right now. If requested, we might harvest the few remaining escarole and sugarloaf as well and make those available.

We may have gotten too cold, but keep your eyes open and come a little early – it’s possible there are still tomatoes and sweet and hot peppers hiding in the field that will be available for gleaning. Definitely stock up on the fresh herbs – oregano, thyme, sage, and Mexican tarragon.

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