7th Fall Share, Week 25

A little smaller share today as we approach the end of the fall season (only one more week of harvests after this week). Big heads of Treviso red radicchio with beautiful, sweet, crunchy white ribs, and giant celeriac are the centerpieces of the share this week. We left some of the tops on the celeriac because it’s looking good and tasting sweet and while it’s not as tender as stalk celery it’s still good for cooking and flavoring dishes.

There’s a bunch of Napoli carrots, and they just keep getting sweeter every week. The chard is giving us one last harvest and we found some nice looking arugula in the field too.

Rounding out the share is a small quantity of storage onions and shallots. After giving out most of them earlier in the year we found a small stash, big enough to give one last sample.

If you can make it to the farm with a little time for gleaning, be sure to walk through the tomatoes and sweet peppers. It’s been warm enough that they’re still producing some decent fruit. If you’re missing those foods do take advantage. The herbs are also all in good shape still so help yourselves to those too.

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