8th Fall Share, Week 27

The final CSA week of 2018 and it got too dark for me to take a photo of the share before it was all harvested. Instead, I’m posting a photo of one of the giant parsnips we harvested today, and a Matina tomato I gleaned from the hoop house for my lunch.

Here’s the list of what was in the share. Thursday should be very similar, although we may have a different bunching green and I’ll try to take a photo then.

Lacinato Rainbow Kale, Red Dragon mustard, Bora King radishes, Gilfeather turnips, Hablange parsnips, Einfache Schnitt 3 parsley, Napoli Carrots, Blue Solaize leeks.

It was a cold one out there today, but we’ve gotten very lucky with the weather this fall and it was nice to harvest on a dry, sunny day. Looks like we might get lucky again on Thursday for the final harvest of the year.

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