Week 25 Predictions

Three more weeks to go so we’re getting to the point where there aren’t as many crops left out in the field. It would seem like that would make predictions easier but there are actually a bunch of other confounding factors making it tricky to know what the best combination will look like until we’re actual out there harvesting.

That said, here are my best guesses for next week: sugarloaf chicory, collard greens, watermelon radishes, beets, and carrots.

Lettuce is pretty much done after today, we might have a few remaining heads for sale at the stand. The story is similar for a few other crops like sweet peppers, and tomatoes – a few stragglers but not enough to put in the shares. All three of those have gone longer than we planned though so it’s been a good fall.

Also on the possibles list for the next few weeks are turnips, celeriac, parsnips, spinach and kale – in addition to more carrots, mustards and chard.

It’s been a great carrot fall and I hope we’re not overloading you with carrots. They do keep very well in a plastic bag in the fridge (I’ve had them last months that way). If you’re not getting enough we have bulk carrots on special at the farm stand, come stock up!

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