6th Fall Share, Week 25

In today’s share: collard greens, carrots, mixed beets, a leek, watermelon radish, spinach and sugarloaf chicory.

A second week of big! chicory. The sugarloaf seems to have done well with the warm, dry fall. If you haven’t had it it’s a similar flavor and texture to the escarole, but a bit crisper. If you can’t eat it all at once it keeps well in the fridge, similar to cabbage. I’d suggest using the outer leaves sliced up for salad and then cutting the heart in half length wise and roasting it with olive oil and salt.

Watermelon radishes are another fall special. It’s a small crop this year but I find them nicest as a little accent and not the main course anyway.

This may be the last round of beets for the year, a mix of Shiraz and 3 Root Grex, and possibly not anymore spinach or collards either. We will have more leeks and carrots though along with a few more fall specials soon.

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