5th Fall Share, Week 24

In this week’s share we have: chard, leeks, carrots, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, mustard greens and escarole! I feel obligated to put an exclamation mark after the escarole for multiple reasons. One is that it’s delicious, but also these are huge heads! If you haven’t prepared it before it looks like lettuce, and you can make delicious raw salads out of it, but it benefits from a little extra preparation, and it’s also much more versatile than lettuce. It’s more closely related to radicchio than lettuce, both are chicories , if that means anything to you. There’s actually a chicory festival coming up in Seattle if you really want to geek out on this topic (I do and I’ll be there – chicoryweek.com)

Mustard greens are another new introduction this week. Just a small bunch which are tender enough to mix into a raw salad, or if you’d like to cut the sharpness a little you could cook them a bit.

For more cooking tips on all of the share items remember to check cookwithwhatyouhave.com.

Thursday’s share should be very similar to today’s. I’m not sure if the tomatoes will hold out, but the rest should do fine – barring any super cold night between now and then.

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