Week 24 Predictions

Popcorn went out this week. If you didn’t already catch it check the previous post (a couple back) on how to pop it. It probably would benefit from at least a few more weeks of drying out before you pop it, but it does pop now.

For next week all of the fall crops are looking pretty ready to harvest. Fortunately most of them should hold in the field well so that we can have a somewhat even harvest over the remaining four weeks.

It looks like we have one more week of lettuce, and then we’ll switch to our selection of chicories. It’s possible one or two of those heading chicories (radicchio, sugarloaf, and escarole) might need to be harvested next week, but we’ll have to see. We have some good looking mustard greens and could possibly harvest a bit more arugula soon too. The chard still looks really good so we’ll probably go back for more bunches of that. The one green we’re waiting on to get bigger is the spinach.

There are a few different brassica roots that we have small plantings of and will likely be harvesting soon – a couple of turnip types and winter radishes. Celeriac and parsnips are on the horizon and we might even have more celery.

That wasn’t much of a one week prediction, more of a laundry list of some of whats in store over the next four weeks. Looks like there’s some rain in the forecast, so we’ll have to see how that changes things too.

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