4th Fall Share, Week 23

Todays share has kale, kohlrabi, carrots, hakurei turnips, tomatoes, two heads of lettuce, a sweet pepper and popcorn.

The kale is Lacinato Rainbow but we may switch to Nash’s on Thursday depending on how the rest of the planting looks. Kohlrabi will be swapped for cabbage or collards on Thursday. There are two heads of lettuce this week because we have a bit of extra and with all of this amazing sun it’s not going to hold well in the field. The sun ripened some late field tomatoes so there’s more of those even after I had given up on them. We picked the peppers hard the last couple weeks so they’re almost gone, and I’m not sure if we’ll have any for Thursday – although the sun is doing some magical things out there.

The weather looks good for the next week. I’m actually hoping for a brief rain break to germinate the fall cover crops. I wouldn’t mind more weather weeks like this though.

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